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1Click Games signs partnership with DAOWallet

| By Robin Harrison

Betting and gaming software provider 1Click Games has agreed to full crypto payments integration with partner DAOWallet, the cryptocurrency payments partner and member of DAOGroup.

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is growing very fast. Based on information published by Fortune Business Insights, the global cryptocurrency market size stood at $754m in 2019 and is projected to reach $1.7bn by 2027, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% during the forecast period. This fact confirms that this is a huge market with very good business potential.

This new partnership with DAOWallet will allow 1Click’s operators to successfully launch a Bitcoin casino for players searching for this option to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency. Through the agreement, 1Click will offer secure crypto payments processing, with protection against chargeback fraud and without any extra charges or complex processes.

The partnership between 1Click Games and DAOWallet will also provide advantages for operators, offering instant transactions at the best exchange rates, the possibility to choose from a variety of invoice options, and the ability to convert into fiat currency at any time.

DAOWallet will cover all KYC and AML procedures as part of the agreement. It will also allow 1Click Games to track the provenance of all cryptocurrencies coming into its wallet, helping casino management to identify incoming VIP players, and red-flag any potentially problematic historical use of the coins.

Commenting on the integration, DAOGroup’s CCO Glen Bullen, said: “Easy, secure crypto payments are demanded by a vast, unserved audience around the world, and integrations like this, with the innovative 1Click Games, can now give this market access to the best casino experiences around.

“1Click Games share our view that cryptocurrency payments are inevitably entering the mainstream, and we’re very pleased to kick our partnership off and help deliver new revenue streams through offering more choice to their players.”

Maxim Terehovich, 1Click Games CEO added: “This cooperation with payment solutions provider DAOWallet is very valuable for 1Click Games because we always focus on our client’s needs.

“Market trends research gave us a full insight into cryptocurrency market rapid development and 1Click Games is glad to give our operators the possibility to reach a vast audience of Bitcoin casino users who would have previously struggled to find a service in the traditional gaming and betting space. Also, it is one of the most successful ways how to maximise our clients’ profit.”