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All systems go – Pascal Gaming introduces Champion Challenge

| By iGB Freelance
Pascal Gaming is fully prepared for the World Cup. Ahead of the long-awaited championship, the brand has come up with a thrilling new solution – Champion Challenge.

It is a prediction game for all football fans around the world. To participate, players need to make predictions on the group stage standings, knockout results and the winner of the World Cup. Having filled in all the appropriate fields of the brackets, they reach the final. For each correct prediction, players receive points, which determine their place on the leaderboard.

Champion Challenge is a fantastic solution that gives users a chance to apply their analytical thinking and come to the right conclusions, increasing the chances of victory․ By doing the proper investigation, they will be able to succeed in all the stages and reach the final. This is already a new challenge, after facing which triumph is guaranteed.

Leading up to the most prestigious tournament in the world, Pascal Gaming has decided to gather all enthusiasts to celebrate football in all its manifestations. Players are promised to delight in the intriguing atmosphere of champion selection and operators – to get the most out of it throughout the entire event.

*All predictions must be submitted five minutes before the start of the first game of the World Cup (16:00 GMT, 20 November 2022).