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AstroPay launches “Indian Challenge”

| By Stephen Carter

AstroPay, a pioneer in payment solutions for thousands of consumers in Latin America, Asia and Africa who want to purchase online on international sites, invites merchants to take part in its “India Challenge”, which represents the easiest way to enter the Indian market as well as provides a vary of benefits to those who dare participate.

For many years the company has been working in this market gaining vast experience about user preferences and payment methods available in the country. “The acquired knowledge obtained after many years of work in the Indian market entitles us to invite merchants to develop their operations in this territory through AstroPay,” said CEO, Mikael Lijtenstein.

Indian Challenge consists of three levels with prizes ranging up to one year without paying fees. In addition, operators will also receive marketing advice from AstroPay in order to boost their business in the country.  “We constantly offer merchants different and easy ways to access new markets,” said Lijtenstein. “We believe this is an excellent opportunity for operators that do not work in India to enter this market and gain experience with undoubtedly excellent conditions,” he added.

To be part of the challenge, operators need to register before September 30 and integrate before October 31. By this date AstroPay Card should appear as the first payment option in their site.

Through AstroPay Card, merchants can receive deposits and process withdrawals easily and safely from one single integration. This virtual voucher is ideal for operators who need to provide their users with a reliable payment option.

With a focus on international transactions, AstroPay addresses the complexities of local markets, offering fast and efficient solutions across thousands of consumer-recognized payment methods. The company has extensive experience in managing the specificities of different markets, allowing it to offer an efficient solution to all its customers: merchants, end users and business partners.

AstroPay has operated in Latin America, Africa and Asia for more than 11 years and, with a presence in several of these regions, aims to help merchants access markets safely and more easily.

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