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Atlaslive launches Bet Builder: customisable betting options for igaming platforms

| By iGB Editorial Team
Leading B2B software provider launches high-tech Bet Builder into the Atlaslive platform.

The Bet Builder feature enables players to customise their bets by combining multiple selections inside one event (match), offering greater flexibility and control. This feature meets the growing demand for customised betting experiences, helping operators attract and keep players more effectively.

Key features of the Bet Builder:

  • Personalised betting options: Players can combine various selections from the same event, such as match outcomes, player performances and specific incidents, into a single bet.
  • Enhanced player experience: The intuitive interface ensures a seamless betting process, allowing players to easily navigate and create their custom bets.
  • Increased engagement: By offering more betting options, operators can engage their audience more effectively, driving higher retention rates and player satisfaction.

Commenting on the launch Atlaslive CEO, Maxim Slobodyanyuk, said: “This development reflects our commitment to providing our partners with the sportsbook features they need to enhance their offerings. The Bet Builder not only enriches the player experience but also opens up new revenue streams for operators by attracting a broader audience. We won’t stop here; we are committed to further improving and developing this feature to ensure a unique and profitable experience for our partners.”

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