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BBIN launches new charity campaign, Love For All Kinds

| By Marese O'Hagan
Software supplier BBIN launches a wildlife-focused charity campaign, Love For All Kinds.

Through TGB’s official website, BBIN’s subsidiary TGB Charity has recently launched wildlife-advocacy campaign, Love For All Kinds, which creates a charitable fundraising platform for NGOs that care for endangered animals, wildlife and biodiversity.

TGB Charity provides the best opportunity for various NGOs to demonstrate their missions and events, connecting NGOs with potential donors to further support their works.

BBIN, a leading iGaming software supplier in Asia, has actively collaborated with many significant charity organizations since 2018. TGB Charity’s efforts have inspired many people to participate in philanthropy.

This year, BBIN & TGB Charity draw people’s attention to the other creatures that share the same planet with human beings. Destroying ecological balance may lead to nature’s counterattack that causes tremendous damage for humans. The consequences remind us that we have to live in peace with other animals.

In Love For All Kinds, TGB Charity introduces the general public to six animal charities, including FLIGHT (Indonesia), International Animal Rescue (UK), International Rhino Foundation (USA), Phoenix Fund (Russia), Rottnest Foundation (Australia), and Toucan Rescue Ranch (Costa Rica).

From different countries and areas, they focus on conservation of diverse animals and natural habitats, holding a variety of fundraising events and activities. With their efforts and your support, it would be possible for the Earth to reach the goal of sustainable development.