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BBIN returns to ICE London with “The Gaming Beat” vision

| By Micah Passman
Revolving around the annual theme “The Gaming Beat”, BBIN is returning to the significant event of ICE London 2022 and looking forward to the reunion with the industry.

As BBIN continues to provide innovative technology and quality services to its business partners and build international partnerships, the annual theme of “The Gaming Beat” also demonstrates BBIN’s aspiration to balance business performance and corporate sustainability.

To collect the public’s thoughts and ideas about the future, BBIN has launched the first charitable campaign for the year 2022 “The Future You’d Love” via TGB Charity. During the three-day ICE London show, BBIN also invites visitors to participate in the campaign by voicing the future they wish to have and siding with the topic they deeply care about. To kick off this campaign earlier this year, BBIN has invited many of its industrial partners, TGB Charity’s charity partners and creative artists from all over the world to speak for the future they would love to have in the highlight video, which has been now released on TGB Charity’s official website and Youtube channel. With the return of the live events, BBIN takes the unique opportunity and hopes to collect more ideas about the future, which will be taken as important references to TGB Charity’s future charitable projects and a meaningful survey of diverse future perspectives.   Highlighting the balanced and steady pace of growth, BBIN continues to work towards the goal of a sustainable future together with its non-profit subsidiary, TGB Charity.