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BetConstruct offers new affiliate programme management service

| By iGB Freelance
BetConstruct has launched a new affiliate programme management service for all its current and future partners to help them with affiliate marketing and management.

Affiliate marketing has been gaining popularity in the igaming industry, and BetConstruct is once again meeting market demands. The service aims to provide igaming businesses with a complete list of tools and features to manage and optimise their affiliate marketing programmes effectively.

One of the main highlights of the service is the coaching and consultation of the partner’s team members through multiple educational materials to maximise the effectiveness of the affiliate programme. Additionally, the service offers landing page customisation, link and media creation support, and global configuration setups to accurately convey every business’ brand message and identity.

As for operations directly linked to affiliates and finances, the service includes a commission plan setup based on the target market and aligned with current trends to suggest the best price beneficial both for companies and affiliates. Contribution cost setup is also provided to manage budgets and ensure maximum ROI.

With its multi-faceted design and partner-centric approach, BetConstruct offers an all-in-one affiliate management service to cover every aspect of affiliate marketing fully. The service is accurately tailored to every partner’s requirements and is the perfect option for amplifying their ROI and boosting conversions.

BetConstruct constantly follows industry trends and is always ready to come up with new solutions resonating with partner needs and requirements.