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BetConstruct sets Virtual In-Play Tennis in motion

| By Guy Parsons
New release joins company’s already comprehensive virtual sports portfolio

Using advanced motion-capture technology delivered by Xsens, an innovator in 3D motion tracking, BetConstruct has launched a match that enables live bets on virtual tennis and truly replicates the thrill of real-time betting.

Virtual In-Play Tennis is based on real-life game rules and statistics. It is played with 10 players competing in full, best-of-three-sets matches ensuring the most realistic simulation and visualisation the software can give.

A set in tennis is won by a player who wins six games with a difference of at least two games. The score 6:4 or 4:6 completes the set and ends the game, but with a 5:6 or 6:5 score players have to play another game. When the score in a set is 6:6, a tie-break is played. The set is then won by the winner of the seventh game. This fresh addition to BetConstruct’s sports and virtual betting catalogue is an A-class entertainment for players perfectly adopted to the gambling world giving new energy to operators’ business and promoting their revenue growth.