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BETER partners with Asia Pro League tournament organiser

| By Elena Carruthers

Sports and esports betting provider BETER became a partner of Asia Pro League, a new sports league in Central Asia.

This partnership aims to equip Asia Pro League basketball events with reliable and accurate trading provided by BETER and create a wide content variety for world betting operators.

The participants of the tournament are ten teams of local athletes. One season lasts six weeks, and the very first has already started on April 19. Each season of the League consists of two laps, nine rounds and play-off, and one match for the last place, which means more than 110 events in total. Games are played on Monday to Friday, and there are three matches per day.

“Asia Pro League is a new tournament organizer in the industry that creates top-tier content. We are thrilled that they’ve invited us to ‘beterize’ their tournaments,” says Alex Barkar, CEO of BETER.

“BETER is both a content and data provider for betting operators and a platform for tournament organizers who have already achieved certain business success and are willing to provide the sports betting industry with their content. BETER not only supplies Asia Pro League basketball tournaments with trading solutions, but we also develop an efficient events schedule and implement tech side of incident and data feed transfer,” continues Barkar.

Asia Pro League holds basketball and other sports and esports tournaments and organizes their live streaming with an in-house production team. BETER makes these tournaments’ beterable,’ i.e., supplies them with trading solutions for instant bet settlement. 

“Asia Pro League is proud to have partnered with BETER. I’m sure this partnership will give both companies benefits and new perspectives.” said Vasilii Fokin, representative of Asia Pro League.