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Gamdom player scoops $1.6m on BGaming’s Plinko

| By Micah Passman

High-rolling punter scores series of mega wins over the course of more than 2,500 ball drops.

BGaming’s Plinko has made one lucky punter’s day after they netted a total of more than $1.6m while playing the game. The action took place during stratospheric bets, a thrilling part of the game that saw the player max out their stake to $1,000 a ball. Some 2,500 ball drops later and the player was left toasting their incredible success.

The Plinko gameplay is very straightforward. Before dropping the bubbling fuchsia ball from the top of the pyramid, a player chooses his or her desired betting amount and the risk level.

The high-roller didn’t win at their first attempt but their patience definitely paid off. Taking advantage of Gamdom’s huge max bet of $1,000, the game was played with 16 lines and in high-risk mode. 

The player endured some incredible ups and downs, with big wins giving way to heavy losses and vice versa. Alongside a series of small win rounds, sums of $26k, $130k and even $1m were won, leading to a total win pot of $1,600,000.

Was it a fluke or a reward for their patience? At all events, these moments are worth waiting for.