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Bluechip.io teams up with Fast Track for next-level player engagement

| By iGB Freelance
Leading provider of CRM solutions for the igaming industry, Fast Track, announces its latest collaboration with Bluechip.io, a prominent operator in the Canadian, Danish and Indian markets.

Renowned for its steadfast commitment to customer loyalty and cutting-edge gaming experiences, Bluechip.io selected Fast Track to elevate its engagement strategies and bolster its player relationships.

Bluechip.io stands out in the igaming landscape for its dedication to offering top-tier games, sourced from industry-leading providers. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Bluechip.io also distinguishes itself through its extensive payment options, including support for cryptocurrencies, catering to the evolving preferences of its global player base.

Fast Track’s tailored solutions are strategically aligned with Bluechip.io’s vision for elevating player engagement and driving operational efficiency. By seamlessly integrating real-time engagement automation and flexible segmentation methods, Fast Track empowers Bluechip.io to deliver personalised experiences that resonate with its diverse player base.

“Our quest for a partner to help us tackle automation challenges and offer an unparalleled experience to our loyal players led us to Fast Track,” stated Kate, head of retention. “The tailored solutions they offer align seamlessly with our vision to deliver personalised experiences that resonate with our global player base, setting new benchmarks for customer satisfaction.”

“We are always very excited about working with partners who share our dedication to customer loyalty and satisfaction,” added Fast Track’s Simon Lidzen, CEO and co-founder. “Bluechip.io’s steadfast commitment to prioritising the player experience aligns perfectly with our mission at Fast Track. Together, we look forward to enhancing the end-user experience, leveraging our innovative solutions to drive engagement, retention and, ultimately, long-term loyalty.”