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Campeón Gaming’s Scarabet off to a high start with Delasport’s sportsbook

| By iGB Editorial Team
Scarabet promises even further success to its group after last year’s expansion of FoggyBet and 21.RED.

A new Campeón Gaming brand has just been launched, powered by Delasport’s sportsbook solution. Scarabet is the hub of high-quality entertainment running on Campeón Gaming’s in-house platform.

The new website runs on Campeón Gaming’s robust modular in-house platform. For the sports betting vertical, the igaming leaders are once again trusting Delasport. The renowned supplier is reaping success after success with its sportsbook solution that is tuned to maintain high margins through personalisation, unique ways of betting and real-time player engagement tools. A huge factor contributing to the impressive streak is the Plug & Play iframe solution that allows operators to quickly embed and utilise Delasport’s sportsbook on their websites.

“Partnering with Campeón Gaming on yet another promising brand of theirs makes us proud and excited and we’ll help them stand out in their market right from the very start. Campeón Gaming’s team is highly professional and that makes our day-to-day work with them a real treat,” said Delasport’s VP of business development, Rosaire Galea Cavallaro. “Sports betting is a must for any brand and we’re happy to assist Scarabet in reaching the highest margins in sports through optimal player retention, professional traders and risk managers, and real time player engagement.”

“Collaborating with Delasport has been a pleasure from the very start. We value the symbiosis between our in-house platform and their sportsbook solution,” said Nikos Zygouris, head of product at Campeón Gaming. “The personalised features and engagement tools make deals like this one a no-brainer. Overall, we take pride in how Scarabet has come together, and we were eager to unveil it – undoubtedly players will enjoy everything about it.”

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