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CRM automation and brokerage technology join forces: Smartico.ai partners with Leverate

| By Micah Passman
CRM automation and gamification platform, Smartico, adds another partner to its portfolio in a new collaboration with Leverate, the leading Forex/CFD/Crypto technology and service provider in the brokerage industry.

Since their establishment in 2008, the white-label solution providers have taken over the industry as an influential force in the Fintech market. In bringing constant advancements to the company, along with state-of-the-art technology, branding, and payment solution services, Leverate has expanded globally in leading brokers to success throughout the years, building global branches and catering to firms and sales offices around the world.

This key partnership with Smartico.ai affirms Leverate as the preferred service provider for Forex/Crypto/CFD brokers and implements Smartico’s innovative marketing process into Leverate’s advanced strategies to support its ongoing growth in the industry. The flexible automation and personalization features support ongoing user activity and successful journeys for Leverate’s clients.

Users are exposed to content specified to their needs, while unlimited personalisation variations allow for segmentation and targeting of clients in the most sensible way. Whether it be languages, country, currency, dedication status, or other specifications within the platform, the innovative marketing automation can serve many of Leverate’s sophisticated marketing plans.

The technical integration has already taken place Q4 2021, during which the two companies merged plans, ideas, and best practices for successful execution. During the first months of the partnership, the two companies have already achieved the targeted results and continue to focus on improving practices and introducing even more visions and approaches. We will be sure to follow the Smartico.ai and Leverate.com journey, and all the new and exciting innovations that are sure to develop in the industry following this fruitful partnership. 

Smartico continues to implement innovative marketing processes into Leverate’s advanced strategy in efforts to support the company’s ongoing growth in successfully catering to the needs of new and existing CFD/Forex/Crypto brokerages in the industry.

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