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DoTrust partners with VRS to bolster player protection by UK gambling operators

| By iGB Freelance
Provider becomes first risk assessment platform to incorporate the UK's foremost register of vulnerable customers.

Department of Trust  (DoTrust.co.uk), the leading player safety platform for the gambling sector, has entered a multi-year partnership with the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS), the UK’s central database of vulnerable individuals.   

Through the partnership, operators using the DoTrust Complete player protection platform can perform a frictionless check against the VRS Register in real time, 24/7. VRS checks provide the kind of personal, relevant and timely insights essential to the new light-touch financial vulnerability checks regime coming into force on 30 August 2024. 

DoTrust provides the operator with risk flags based on the contents of the VRS database which allow for proportionate and explainable actions by the operator. The flags are designed to minimise the amount of information about the individual to only that necessary to perform the assessment, avoiding the problem of over-sharing common with other platforms.  

The VRS performs a vital task in protecting vulnerable customers of financial services, utility companies and local government. Individuals can be placed on the VRS by trusted parties such as solicitors, banks, debt charities, local authorities and the NHS – as well as by self-reporting. Approximately 700,000 people are listed at any one time.   

This new feature of DoTrust Complete follows the recent addition of adverse media scanning and sees a further expansion in the power and flexibility of the system tailor-made for the gambling industry.   

Charles Cohen, CEO of Department of Trust, said: “This is a great development for us and the gambling sector as it rises to the challenge of the new regulations coming in just a few weeks. Operators have a very clear obligation to identify vulnerable customers, but extremely limited means to do so early and without intrusive questioning or document sharing.   

“By incorporating the incredible Vulnerability Registration Service into DoTrust Complete, operators using our platform have the most effective means to meet their new obligations with the highest possible standard of data – and without exposing themselves to extraneous data points which can often raise more questions than they answer. 

“Because these checks are so powerful, we are adding them not just as a standalone service but as an extension of our market-leading KYC, financial risk and vulnerability assessments and monitoring.”  

Helen Lord, CEO of the Vulnerability Registration Service, commented: “The core function of the Vulnerability Registration Service is to provide a central, independent register of vulnerable people. This helps companies identify them, engage accordingly and treat them more appropriately.   

“This partnership with Department of Trust is a vital development in protecting people from potential gambling harm at a time when the issue has never been more in focus.  

“Our service and this new alliance will help individuals avoid the same difficult conversations when engaging with gambling operators, ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance and best practice.”