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EGT Interactive rebrands to Amusnet Interactive

| By Micah Passman
Ivo Georgiev, Chief Executive Officer speaks about EGT Interactive's evolution

CEO Ivo Georgiev shares the story behind EGT Interactive’s evolution into its exciting new guise.

The company turned six this month and is changing its name to Amusnet Interactive. What was the driving force behind this decision?
For the past six years, we have grown immensely in terms of products, client portfolios, market presence and business. Most importantly, all the while we were growing, the team kept the same values and quality of products and services.

We decided to change our name to Amusnet Interactive because we are changing along with the igaming industry. The new name marks a milestone in our company development. It is a simple way to clearly communicate our brand positioning and is based on our constant desire for innovation.

How does the new name reflect the company’s approach and positioning?
We are proud of where we came from and how much we have accomplished over the past six years. We are the same team, striving for excellence with the same mission: to deliver the best products and services to the online casino market.

The new name reflects our product development and follows the strategy of combining the classics with the latest industry trends. It will not affect our core beliefs, nor the fantastic products and services we provide. We will just improve even more!

Was the name-changing process relatively painless?
It’s been a very smooth process. However, it isn’t finished yet because the team continues to execute the transition of changing our name.

The whole process is complex. Many factors have to be taken into consideration. But we’ll overcome it with perfect planning, clear deadlines and responsibilities. As a result, the team and I feel confident and aware of what is coming next.

What can we expect from Amusnet Interactive in terms of new products and markets?
Amusnet Interactive is determined to grow and develop. In terms of products, we will continue to deliver our emblematic EGT Interactive slots but also enrich the portfolio with new product verticals. Great products are coming next in the pipeline as we are already underway with live casino, Amusnet Slots, Keno and Lotto.

Also, we are constantly evaluating the possibility of entering new markets as the regulations are changing rapidly. We are a leading provider in numerous markets, and our business development team makes sure we continue strengthening our position.