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Enteractive realises US expansion with New Jersey licence granted

| By Daniel O'Boyle

The player engagement business, ranked globally in the top four revenue generators for the igaming sector, will commence conversion campaigns for US RNDs and RNFs with both existing and new clients.

The licence allows Enteractive to offer its unique personalised CRM, with two-way conversations with sports betting and casino players, from April 2021.  The company confirmed that it is already mobilising activity in the US for an existing client, with more eager operators soon to take up the US services also.

The new US licence gives Enteractive the chance to showcase its scalable services, which are possible due to the company’s (Re)Activation Cloud platform, launched in 2017 to integrate selected operator databases with the human element of calling the players directly.  The technology platform facilitates expandable call campaigns for any market around the world, using an API software interface to deploy database segments to Enteractive’s teams at the click of a button.

Mikael Hansson, Enteractive chief executive, said, “This licence confirming our operations in New Jersey marks our landfall in the US, and we’re extremely excited and eager to progress our US activities for our operator partners.  As we grow and expand into new states and US markets, we look forward to finding a second home on US soil for our business.”

Beyond reactivation services, Enteractive’s one-to-one conversations with players also act as frontline protection against problem gambling, with RG being a core element of every call made to a player.  

Hansson added, “Entering a new market such as the US demands 20:20 visibility on keeping players safe and enjoying iGaming entertainment responsibly.  Without the players, our industry is nothing, so we must ensure they remain the focus of our activities with a sustainable approach.” 

Enteractive has more than twelve years experience in player reactivation, and is in the top four traffic generators globally for the igaming sector.