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Epom boosts Adera’s igaming advertising

| By Guy Parsons
Seeking to enhance its visibility and better engage its target audience, igaming ad network Adera used Epom to achieve a 34% increase in click-through rates and a 125% increase in registrations.
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With competition in the igaming becoming fiercer every year, Adera was faced with two main challenges. 

First, maximising client exposure. Adera wanted to increase brand awareness and ensure maximum exposure amid stiff competition in the market.

Second, improving ad creative engagement. Adera wanted to optimise ad creative engagement to increase its impact.

Collaboration with Epom

Adera tackled these challenges head-on through a carefully crafted strategy, leveraging the capabilities of the Epom ad server. The implementation involved four key solutions.

Adera started with adopting custom ad templates, integrating specifically designed skins, catfish and outstream video ads. 

The second step was to set smart ad capping limits. Not only did this ensure users were not bombarded with excessive ad displays, it also increased engagement and prevented banner blindness.

Third, with the help of category targeting, Adera reached specific audience segments. By directing ads to those users most likely to be interested in igaming, Adera ensured maximum impact for each impression and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Lastly, Adera leveraged Epom’s comprehensive technical and business support, which allowed the company to focus on its core business while reaping the benefits of Epom’s guidance and assistance.

What Adera achieved with Epom

The four strategies mentioned above, combined in one comprehensive approach to the challenges of the competitive betting landscape, brought remarkable outcomes for Adera.

First, through custom ad templates and intelligent ad capping limits, Adera achieved a 22% increase in user retention. By providing visually appealing and non-intrusive ads, Adera successfully kept users engaged without overwhelming them with repetitive content.

Second, the strategies led to 34% higher click-through rate (CTR). The custom ad templates, combined with precise category targeting, effectively piqued audience interest, resulting in increased engagement.

Third, the company enjoyed a significant increase in registrations. Adera achieved its ultimate goal of increasing client exposure and engagement, with a substantial 125% increase in registrations.

Last but not least, Adera minimised ad discrepancy by a sizeable 48%. By leveraging Epom’s comprehensive tech and business support, Adera was able to optimise its ad delivery, ensuring seamless and accurate targeting while minimising discrepancies that can hinder campaign effectiveness.


Adera’s success in igaming advertising, achieved through the strategic implementation of Epom’s ad server solutions, highlights the importance of tailored strategies and partnerships.

By addressing the challenges of exposure and engagement head-on, Adera met and exceeded its goals, resulting in enhanced user retention, higher click-through rates, increased registrations and reduced ad discrepancies.