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Fintellity opens Early Adopter Programme for the igaming industry

| By Guy Parsons
Initiative will feature a new suite of products that support socially responsible igaming.

Fintellity is an innovative business providing compliant, intelligent and ethical payment solutions. A single unified API facilitates KYC, affordability checks, proof of source of funds and payments. The solution enables partner operators to make informed decisions on user accounts in accordance with their internal policies and risk appetite then process account deposits.

As the compliance landscape adapts and evolves, Fintellity adopters can address concerns across the industry, using intelligent and ethical technology to protect vulnerable customers from gambling related harm without impacting on their individual freedoms. Fintellity puts the individual at the heart of its services by providing a solution that removes the need for adopters to implement blanket thresholds. By putting the individual’s needs first, Fintellity enables adopters to provide a safe and sustainable environment with a great customer experience.

The Fintellity Early Adopters Programme is an exciting opportunity and partnership for igaming providers that are striving to adopt good practice early and be seen as compliant innovators across the industry to their users, peers and regulators.

Data from the programme will be shared with stakeholders involved in the UK Gambling Commission’s current review on Customer Interaction and the UK Government’s ongoing review of the Gambling Act 2005.

The programme will run in Q3 and Q4 this year and participants will be given a chance to test the services over a 4-8-week period. There are limited spaces to ensure feedback can be adequately reviewed and used to iterate and evolve the implementation to suit each participant’s specific needs and internal policies.

The Fintellity founders have decades of experience working in payments specialising in high-risk sectors across UK, Europe and the US. As legislation gets more onerous and compliance costs increase, Fintellity is committed to helping adopting businesses to save money on operational and compliance costs as well as improving user retention, whilst enabling individuals to be entertained and spend within their means.

To learn more about Fintellity and the Early Adoption Programme please contact: info@fintellity.com