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Flows launches new app marketplace feature

| By Laura Gumbrell

No-code automation platform, Flows completes development of app marketplace, enabling its partners to connect any third party applications with ease.

Flows has today launched its new app marketplace feature, hitting a new milestone for the no-code innovation platform. The new rapid, no-code integration layer will enable its partners to easily self-integrate any third party or API they want to use. 

In addition, the app exchange will also allow third parties to integrate directly with Flows so that they can become part of the wider Flows ecosystem. This will not only allow them to customise to their specifications within Flows, which will enhance their capabilities and offering to their partners, but will also act as a marketing tool by allowing new customers to discover their app, solution or service.

Flows, an agnostic, innovation platform allows businesses to build workflows without code, enabling them to supercharge delivery and time to market and orchestrate multiple systems from the one place, while reducing operational and development costs.

Flows app marketplace is currently being rolled out to existing partners first before opening up to the wider industry.

Andrew Doublesin, CPO of Flows, said: We have been working hard behind the scenes over the past few months on the app exchange and are excited to bring it to launch.

“At Flows, we understand that businesses depend on the daily use of multiple disconnected apps, data streams and APIs to manage everything and noticed the gap in the market for this capability. It makes us proud to be the first within the industry to offer our partners the ability to integrate and connect all the apps their business needs to use on a daily basis in one place, allowing them to automate more processes and be more efficient, without having to write any code.”