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GamingSoft: Celebrating eight years of excellence and a vision for the future

| By iGB Editorial Team
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To commemorate its anniversary, the company announces a series of tournaments and exclusive discounts in collaboration with select partners, which extend through the end of the year. 

Innovation and excellence: GamingSoft’s impactful milestones

Throughout the years, GamingSoft has achieved significant milestones that have firmly established its position as a global industry leader. Some of the key achievements during this remarkable journey include:

  1. Global expansion: GamingSoft has evolved into Asia’s foremost igaming service provider and expanded its reach to Latin America and Africa. This expansion reflects GamingSoft’s commitment to excellence on a global scale.
  2. Extensive game portfolio: GamingSoft has become one of the industry’s largest igaming service providers, offering access to over 200 providers and more than 8,000 games.
  3. Innovative products: The GamingSoft portfolio now includes innovative products such as the AI live casino, an AI-based analytics solution and the Telegram bot casino, all designed to enhance player experiences and stay ahead of industry trends.

GamingSoft’s one-stop solution for all your igaming needs

GamingSoft offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions tailored to diverse markets, ensuring our partners and clients thrive in the ever-evolving igaming landscape. Our unique offerings include:

  • White label solution: GS Global, our award-winning flagship white label brand, now features a supported Telegram bot casino.
  • API integration: GS Connect provides a single hub and contract for access to 8,000 games and services, including slots, table games, live casinos, fishing games, sportsbooks, virtual sports and more.
  • Gamification aggregator: GS Efinity empowers clients with automated tournaments, missions and promotions to boost player engagement and retention.
  • Payment solutions: GSPayGold and GSPay offer seamless payment processing integration for quick, secure transactions.
  • Game studios: Our studios, WOW Gaming and GamingSoft Slots, craft high-quality igaming content designed to captivate online gambling enthusiasts.
  • AI live casino: A highly interactive and entertaining AI live casino solution optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

Looking ahead: Charting a vision for the future

As GamingSoft commemorates its eighth anniversary, it does so with an eye firmly fixed on the future. The company’s vision for the next phase is built on several key milestones, including expanding its global presence, unveiling innovative products designed to empower clients and continuing to deliver hassle-free solutions. This commitment reflects GamingSoft’s dedication to a brighter and more innovative future, poised to set new standards in the igaming industry with its expanding global footprint, state-of-the-art products and unwavering dedication to clients and partners.

GamingSoft wishes to express heartfelt gratitude to the incredible partners whose unwavering support has made this milestone possible. As a trusted partner, GamingSoft remains dedicated to delivering innovative, reliable and world-class igaming services, continually setting new industry standards. We anticipate pushing boundaries even further in the years to come, with a growing team and a network of over 1,000 thriving clients.

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