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Introducing Tower Rush: the latest turbo game release by Galaxsys

| By iGB Freelance
Galaxsys, a leading game studio in the gaming industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest turbo game, Tower Rush.

The game offers players a thrilling gaming experience with its innovative gameplay mechanics and exciting bonus features.

The procedure of conducting the game and the winning options

Tower Rush challenges players to strategically place building floors on top of each other, aiming to achieve the highest possible odds. With limitless potential for stacking floors, players can create an endless chain of structures while avoiding collapses. Successfully placing a floor results in winning corresponding odds, while a collapse leads to a loss.

The procedure of making bets in the game

To start the game, players specify their bet amount and press the Build button. Floors are dropped from above and successful placement results in winnings. Players have the option to cash out or continue building. Multiple successful placements increase winnings exponentially, while a collapse allows players to start a new round.

About the game

In Tower Rush, the goal is to avoid collapses and secure wins by successfully placing each floor. When players successfully place the floor, the winning odds for each new floor will be multiplied by one another and, upon cashing out, the bet amount will be multiplied by this cumulative odds value.

Main highlights

Up to three unique bonus floors

In the game, there are three different ways to receive bonuses: Frozen Floor, Temple Floor and Triple Build.

Unique game concept

Tower Rush introduces an original gameplay concept that sets it apart in the igaming industry.

Dynamic animations

As we put player satisfaction at the heart of all the design decisions, the game is designed in a way that is the most convenient for the players, both visually and functionally.

Bonus systems

FreeBet and FreeAmount promotional tools provide an option to reward bonuses to the players, with the terms set by the operator.

Provable fairness

We only use the most reliable and high-end Random Number Generator technologies to ensure true randomness.

Tower Rush is a unique turbo game, offering players up to three unique bonus floors, an original gameplay concept, dynamic animations prioritising player satisfaction and an advanced bonus system, all backed by provable fairness and latest innovation technologies.

For more information about the game please visit https://galaxsys.co/