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JKR Investment Group unveils new brand identity

| By Guy Parsons
Company to enter 2022 with refreshed logo, added corporate colours and visual elements reflecting the company’s philosophy.

Previously known as a leading investor in the entertainment industry, JKR decided to diversify its portfolio and leverage its expertise in new industries and companies that work in complex markets.

Being a venture builder in companies like Beter Sport, Beter Live, Speed Media, and investor in Betegy, JKR is now to focus on sectors including logistics, EdTech, longevity and other technology markets.

The shift in positioning has logically led to the rebranding.

“Our previous look corresponded to the positioning of a venture builder, being conservative and formal. As we grew, explored the new markets, and shifted our profile from a builder to an investor, we needed a fresh look that would reflect our upgraded philosophy. JKR stands for Joker, and the new branding reflects his nature of outdoing oneself and lighting the fuse to blow up the conventional,” said Alexander Gusev, co-founder and CEO of JKR Investment Group.

The rebranding brief was to preserve the brand awareness raised in the industry so far and convey it in design. The refreshed JKR identity has a bold digital-like logo replacing the previous hand-written one. The new logo displays JKR’s expertise in the tech industry. The ultraviolet from the previous version is associated with the company’s unconventional investment approach. The branding also introduces certain visual analogies that reflect the company’s investment philosophy. For instance, a unicorn with a spark symbolises startups on fire for their ideas, while the dynamite reflects the passion and desire to light up founders’ inner fuse and disrupt industries. In addition, the design team added a gradient to the main visual objects, to demonstrate the flexibility of JKR identity.

JKR Investment Group continues developing its entertainment ecosystem simultaneously helping ambitious and fast-growing businesses from logistics and EdTech and other markets.

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