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Making wellbeing at work a priority: How STech is championing workplace wellbeing

| By iGB Editorial Team
STech reports reduced employee turnover and an improved working environment following substantial investment in employee wellbeing.

In 2024 employee benefits should have evolved from office coffees, biscuits and ping pong tables. Over a third of our waking lives are spent at work and research in recent years has revealed that managers and the quality of our working environment have a greater impact on our mental health than doctors or therapists.

Improving employee wellbeing is the number one business priority for STech. Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week the company has been reinforcing the benefits available to employees, including a four-day working week, fully remote working, unlimited annual leave and a yearly wellness allowance to support mind and body health.

“The links between employee wellbeing and productivity have long been established,” said head of HR, Kate Ellen.

“Since implementing these benefits we’ve seen reduced employee turnover, reduced sickness absence, a vastly improved working environment and no measurable drop in productivity – it really is win-win.”

With hybrid working now the norm, and a greater awareness of the importance of mental health, employers must examine new and progressive ways of championing employee wellbeing to avoid being left behind.

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