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NetShop ISP announces launch of three new data centres in Asia and Europe

| By Guy Parsons

Leading hosting company opens up in Singapore, Hong Kong and Amsterdam

NetShop ISP has added Singapore, Hong Kong and The Netherlands (Amsterdam) to its global data centre infrastructure spread across countries including the United States (Los Angeles), the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Malta.

Through the new data centres, the leading hosting company will offer cloud hosting, bare-metal dedicated servers and internet connectivity (international and local). Rack and colocation services will follow in the next months.

Commenting on the announcement, NetShop ISP chief executive officer Stefano Sordini, said: “A substantial investment took place in order for us to be able to expand globally and help our customers deploy cloud or bare-metal servers in Amsterdam, a prime European location, and Singapore, a global business and connectivity hub. Furthermore, the addition of Hong Kong to our global infrastructure will enable new and existing customers of NetShop ISP to reach 1.4 billion of consumers in Mainland China.”

Katerina Burtsava, head of sales at NetShop ISP, said: “A key advantage for customers choosing to host in any of the three new locations is their access to a fully functioning personal private network that is isolated from the public network, on a hardware level, and also isolated from private networks of other customers on a software level.”

NetShop ISP owns and maintains all backend infrastructure that allows the company to ensure that its reliability, uptime and operational capabilities are in line with international data centre standards. Additionally it has acquired a large capacity of international bandwidth to take advantage of economies of scale and, as a result, allow its customers to benefit from low-cost bandwidth tariffs.