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New platform, new features — an interview with Slotegrator’s Yana Khaidukova

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
Last month, Slotegrator announced that it was releasing a new platform for online casino operators.

Along with improved functionality, the new platform comes with a number of new features. In particular, key performance indicators have been optimised and functional modules have been enhanced, including a casino builder, a business intelligence (BI) module, a separate KYC module, and others.

We got in touch with Slotegrator managing Director Yana Khaidukova to find out how the new platform is improving operator’s lives and what key updates are planned in the coming months.

You reported that as part of the company’s policy, all current customers will switch to the new platform. One question that Slotegrator’s current clients must have is what has changed in the second platform compared to the first.

The technologies included in the microservice architecture of the new platform made it possible to optimise speed, security, and stability indicators. The launch process has accelerated, and we have added new opportunities for integration with various systems, such as game providers, payment services, and mobile applications.

In order to strengthen our aggregation capabilities, we decided to improve the platform’s modules – BI module, a separate KYC module, and casino builder, which empowers operators to quickly and easily adjust their site using simple tools. Many other features have been retained but upgraded. For example, the UI of the bonus module has been improved — now it is much easier to create bonuses. 

What results will these changes lead to, and in what timeframe should the effect be achieved?

The changes will make daily operations smoother and easier, as well as improving business efficiency by increasing customer loyalty and retention. A quick verification procedure helps the user to start playing as soon as possible. A variety of game content, a clear interface, and the “correct” bonus system will help keep them coming back.

Operators should already feel the changes within the first month of operation on the new platform.

Will the work process become more comfortable for the operator after switching to the new platform?

The platform is designed with all the features that operators may need. Each module solves a specific problem. For example, through the business intelligence module, the operator can see where he is in terms of GGR, unique players, marginal profit, the number of active users for a selected period of time, and so on, at any time. And the totality of the modules presented on the platform is a whole system that will definitely help operators hold or improve their position in the igaming market.

There’s nothing more comfortable for an operator than a highly efficient business. A simple back-office UI and a convenient dashboard allow you to quickly adapt to changes.

Has the company started transferring current customers to the new platform? How long will the transition take, and what is the company doing to make it comfortable?

Slotegrator’s first customers are already using the product. To smooth their transition, a user manual was developed, and our representatives are staying in touch to advise customers on any issues they may have.

Tell us about the key modules of the platform. What should a potential client know?

The platform contains all the modules operators need. There are more than 10 of them, including a module for business intelligence, segmentation, fraud protection, risk management, and so on. For example:

-Through casino builder, the operator can make changes to his gambling site using simple tools. In the back office, you can build a lobby yourself, as well as fully customizing the frontend of the project – it’s easy to design the layout by choosing how to display providers, banners, etc.

– The BI module allows operators to track the analytical data they need to make strategic decisions. The module is constantly expanding and being supplemented, helping operators manage the project as efficiently as possible.

– A separate KYC module makes the user verification process fast and consistent.

What is the installation time for new customers?

The launch process has been accelerated, and with a few specific requirements, a launch can take only a few days. End-user requests are also implemented in the shortest possible time.

Tell me about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Among the advantages are a front-end constructor within the back office, a single version of the product for all operators, expanded functionality, and other advantages indicated above.

We have received a lot of feedback on the previous platform from our customers and partners. This allowed the development of the current version to take into account all its shortcomings. The main difficulty for current operators is the process of adaptation and transition from the initial platform to the new one.

You indicated that the product software will be continuously improved. How did you set up the update system?

The system is unified – when updates are released, all clients get access to them at once. That is, there is no need to manage updates for each client individually.

Slotegrator is a world leader in the development of software for the gambling business. What makes it possible to achieve such a result?

We’ve achieved our status through a combination of various measures – continuous improvement of the technical product, enhanced efficiency of internal processes, tracking market trends, investing in team development, and much more.

Do you agree that diversification in the gambling landscape is a prerequisite for taking a leading position in the market? What has Slotegrator done over the past year: how has the product offer expanded, and what new sales markets have appeared?

Diversification is an important element of our development strategy. Nevertheless, it is important to be able to choose the main directions of development, because there is a risk of spreading yourself too thin and, as a result, not achieving the desired effect. We try to find the golden mean.

We have significantly expanded our pool of gaming providers and payment systems, and launched a new platform, Telegram Casino. Slotegrator is entering markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and is working to certify our platform for markets with local regulation.

What plans do you have for the future?

We always look for ways to improve our product and the level of service we provide, strengthen teams, expand into new markets, and keep our eyes on the horizon for whatever’s coming next in the world of igaming.