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Oddin.gg boosts US expansion with key licensing efforts and high-profile partnership 

| By iGB Editorial Team
Company actively pursuing licences in key states including Ohio, Maryland, Kansas and five others, underscoring its commitment to broadening the company’s footprint in the dynamic US market. 

The US sports betting landscape is evolving rapidly, with regulations varying across states. This complexity makes navigating the legal requirements challenging but also presents a unique opportunity for innovation and growth in esports betting. The market is projected to see exponential growth, with an estimated betting volume of around $10bn by 2025. The goal of Oddin.gg is to be at the forefront of this surge, offering an unparalleled betting experience. 

In this ambitious venture, Oddin.gg has partnered with Bill Pascrell III, a distinguished figure in political and legal circles. Vlastimil Venclik, co-founder and CEO of Oddin.gg, said: “Our pursuit of additional state licences, in partnership with Bill, marks a significant advancement in our mission. We’re not just growing our footprint; we’re innovating and enhancing the esports betting experience, setting new industry standards.

“This expansion reflects our dedication to providing engaging, reliable, and compliant betting services to esports enthusiasts across the United States. We’re excited about what the future holds and are committed to being at the forefront of this rapidly evolving market. We strive to be the leading force dispelling the misconceptions surrounding esports betting and vigilant guardian of the integrity not just in NA but globally.” 

Bill Pascrell III said: “It is an honour for me to be retained by the number one choice for esports betting: Oddin.gg. I will be assisting them as outside counsel with licensing and regulatory compliance in North America. Vlastimil Venclik, CEO & co-founder and Marek Suchar, managing director & co-founder are trailblazers in the esports betting market. Vlastimil and Marek have tremendous reach and the best odds feed and risk management as a major B2B provider. The recent decision to expand the reach into the North American market by pursuing faster licensing in more jurisdictions in the United States has generated incredible interest in the ever growing esports betting market.”

The company’s goal goes beyond market presence. The aim is to create a richer, more engaging betting environment, tapping into the potential of a market ripe for transformation. This journey is about setting new benchmarks in esports betting and creating lasting impacts that resonate with their users nationwide.