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Pascal Gaming upgrades its bet-on game line with a new game

| By Micah Passman
Dream Wheel tops up the expanding bet-on game line of Pascal Gaming.

To provide players with diverse possibilities to enjoy their playtime and improve the quality of gameplay, Pascal Gaming constantly introduces new additions. Dream Wheel makes no exception and is an ongoing and absolutely fun to play, displaying an explosion of sweet candies leading to even sweeter and higher odds.

What makes this game unique and outstanding is the impressive diversity of features that absolutely change the approach towards the traditional concept of the wheel. The Dream Wheel by Pascal gaming introduces two additional bonus wheels with higher odds, random bonus multiplier, live bets and provable fairness calculator, as well as supported in 17 languages on desktop and mobile versions.

This game can become an absolute game changer in terms of becoming players’ favourite with advanced features and interesting solutions. This can surely increase engagement and boost player growth on operators’ websites getting them closer to higher revenues.

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