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Pavilion Payments launches new targeted innovations

| By iGB Editorial Team
Products include VIP Nomad, Mobile Jackpot and a new VIP Mobility capability.

Pavilion Payments, the leading omnichannel payments provider exclusively serving the gaming industry, has announced several new products aimed at improving the patron experience, including VIP Nomad and Mobile Jackpot to rapidly process jackpots right at the point of opportunity, and a new VIP Mobility capability for cashless, app-less payments. These solutions are designed to increase efficiency for casino operators and deliver a truly modern gaming experience on the casino floor.

VIP Nomad with Mobile Jackpot is the fastest and safest way to process jackpot payouts and get winners back to their game. Casino personnel can facilitate instant support to process a jackpot right at the slot machine since VIP Nomad places the power of a jackpot workstation right in the palm of the slot attendant’s hand. Without leaving the winner’s sight, a slot attendant can scan their ID, verify their information, and select preferred payout and tax withholding options. When the time comes to pay out jackpot winnings, the slot attendant can dispense cash or vouchers from any Pavilion Payments VIP Financial Center kiosks or the cage. W2G tax forms can be printed from the kiosk, emailed or texted directly to the guest, eliminating bulky dedicated jackpot workstations and long wait times.

VIP Nomad is a powerful and secure multipurpose tablet and tools platform that enables rapid development of new applications to meet a wide range of needs and empowers casino personnel to support patrons with improved efficiency. VIP Nomad transforms the casino experience and modernises support capabilities to drive new value. The state-of-the-art design makes VIP Nomad lightweight and robust to handle fast-paced environments. Pavilion Payments partnered with a best-in-class POS hardware provider to select a device platform that can also support multiple payment interfaces in support of an application ecosystem roadmap that will power future capabilities at multiple points of opportunity throughout the casino.

Handling jackpots in real time with the patron expedites the timing, eliminates errors and delivers an elevated experience for both operators and patrons. VIP Nomad is an open platform allowing custom deployment of mobile applications within a secure environment. This enterprise-grade platform enables robust functionality at the point of interaction to deliver incredible guest experience while optimising operating costs.

Pavilion Payments’ VIP Mobility has added a new mobile payments solution to provide a safer, more convenient way to play. Building on top of the existing VIP Mobility technology, more than 80 million users can fund their gaming experience or any omnichannel experiences throughout the resort without the need to download an app, register or complete other arduous tasks. Patrons scan a QR code to easily transfer their desired amount of funds from either their VIP Preferred account or through leading consumer payment platforms. Pavilion Payments’ robust and secure mobile funding options preserve the casino operations, minimise total cost of ownership and lead to higher gross gaming revenue for operators.

“Our goal is to empower operators by offering solutions that enhance player satisfaction and streamline transactions,” said Christopher Justice, CEO of Pavilion Payments. “Innovative solutions like VIP Nomad, Mobile Jackpot and the app-less VIP Mobility enhancement make the payout process faster and more efficient while also driving increased casino loyalty.”