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PIN-UP Global launches new business line, PIN-UP.Investments

| By iGB Editorial Team
PIN-UP.Investments invests in projects and products in gambling, traffic, software development, customer service, payment systems, advertising platforms, arbitrage teams and AI-based products.
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PIN-UP.Investments has been created to stimulate the development of technologies and products for the gambling market and related industries by providing financial and expert resources, high-value industry contacts, the opportunity to enter new markets and integrate into the ecosystem.

It provides funding, training and consulting opportunities through in-house ecosystem experts, practice on PIN-UP product and business model testing, accelerated product growth and entry into new markets, access to a network of industry contacts, strategic planning support and possible integration into the ecosystem.

Commenting on the new launch, Marina Ilina, CEO of PIN-UP Global, said: “PIN-UP.Investments is a logical step for our ecosystem, which always supports the passion and drive to succeed. Our new direction aims to help projects and teams both to develop independently and to successfully integrate into PIN-UP Global. We believe in daring solutions and new technologies that can be effective.”

PIN-UP.Investments reinforces PIN-UP Global’s position as a global leader in the industry, reaffirming its role in facilitating the development of new technologies and products.

PIN-UP.Investments cooperates with ready-made products and technologies. The team do not consider ideas without MVP implementation. You can submit your application here.

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