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Playson delivers blistering slot experience with Burning Fortunator

| By Guy Parsons
Flaming hot title likely to be an attractive prospect for fans.

Casino games and software developer Playson has extended its Fortunator series, with the release of the fiery Burning Fortunator. 

The latest 3×3 game provides a classic casino experience, with the signature Fortunator style set to make the new game a popular draw among slots fans.  

Taking player engagement further, the title includes a captivating design, delivering an explosive experience that sees symbols burst into flames when players win big. Burning Fortunator gives players a quick and easy casino experience, allowing them to fully submerge themselves into the title’s glowing theme. 

Alongside shiny gems depicting card-like diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs, iconic slot symbols such as bells, dice, bars and the all-important Lucky Sevens feature within the gameplay.

Commenting on the new title, Vsevolod Lapin, head of product at Playson, said: “Burning Fortunator is a thrilling addition to our popular portfolio, offering players a familiar yet distinctive playing experience. 

“We put a lot of effort into the artwork to ensure that the game will engross fans. With an eye-catching and scorching theme being combined with our fine-tuned math, we anticipate this game will be a huge success with our players.”