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Poker celebs join poker NFT project for WPT Global launch

| By Guy Parsons
Company releases details of 15 famous poker faces.

Gamavrs, a Web3 studio focusing on merging igaming with NFTs and the blockchain, has added a large group of poker celebrities for its Poker Heroes NFT collection in partnership with WPT Global. WPT Global recently launched its highly anticipated online poker platform in over 85 countries. A total of 15 poker celebrities are now part of their NFT collectibles that function as access NFTs for poker platforms like WPT Global. WPT Global is the result of WPT Global’s licensing agreement with the World Poker Tour, one of the world’s most prominent poker brands.

Which celebrities have joined the Poker Heroes?

The prominent group of NFT holders includes superstar DJ Steve Aoki, poker legend Tom Dwan and Poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey.

Many other famous poker stars have also joined the Poker Heroes NFT project, among them Patrik Antonius, Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Brad Owen, Joseph Cheong, Johnny “Vibes” Moreno, Maria Konnikova, Lynn Gilmartin, Maria Ho, Vince Van Patten, Matt Savage, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson and Adam Owen. You can check them out on the Gamavrs website or watch their viral YouTube video.

What perks do NFT holders get?

“Our avatars are built with 100% utility in mind and will act as Access NFTs. Think of them as verified NFT profiles on the WPT Global app that come with valuable perks and access,” said Meysam Moradpour, general manager at Gamavrs. “Players will immediately know if they are playing against the real Steve Aoki, based on his NFT profile, which has a different shape and size than common profiles inside the WPT Global platform.” In addition, the Gamavrs team will occasionally offer holders exclusive seats for televised poker events to further reward them for their loyalty. 

Poker Heroes NFT avatars give their owners special “superpowers” inside WPT Global for launch, and will add other online poker platforms in the near future. These benefits include:

  • $100,000+ worth of freeroll tournaments
  • Skipping the waitlist to play against celebs on WPT Global
  • Participating in million-dollar giveaways
  • Access to a Discord members-only channel with access to LearnWPT content
  • Access to exclusive VIP events during WPT Live Events

9,999 Poker Heroes that work as Access NFTs 

“Our poker-themed NFTs are really Access NFTs, so we will initially launch with 9,999 avatars for poker enthusiasts around the globe and expand based on user demand. It’s not about scarcity for us, but more about access for holders,” said Meysam Moradpour, who worked at global brands such as Google and Mastercard prior to joining Gamavrs. 

Gamavrs has sold out its initial pre-mint of 250 avatars and will launch another pre-mint of 2,000+ avatars on Thursday, 12 May.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Gamavrs in the poker NFT space. Back in October 2021, it partnered with Poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey to auction NFTs of Poker Moments, marking memorable plays by poker legends. Phil Ivey’s A Legendary Bluff in Poker History, widely regarded as one of the greatest triple-barrel bluffs in the history of televised poker, sold for 40ETH.

Keep up to date with the latest on the Poker Heroes Club and live updates on many other NFT poker projects by visiting the Gamavrs website and following Gamavrs on Discord, Twitter and Instagram for additional information.

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