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Pokermatch casino launches own ‘Squid Game’

| By Stephen Carter
Gambling platform first to market with unique prize game based on the popular TV series

The South Korean drama Squid Game, which is breaking viewing records around the world, has inspired Pokermatch Casino to create its own exclusive promotion.

The gaming platform is the first in the industry to respond to the “Squid hype” and offer its users the opportunity to win a large amount of prize money by completing six challenges inspired by the TV programme. Those left standing after successfully completing the six tasks will share the final prize pool.

An intriguing advertising campaign for the promo has already launched on various media platforms.

Anyone can register to take part in the promo, and all the details can be found on the PokerMatch Casino website (https://play.pokermatch.com/en/promo-slots/20211018/igra-v-kalmara-vyzhivshie-zarabotayut-ogromnye-prizovye ).

“The goal of this unusual campaign is to provoke unforgettable emotions in users and bring them into the world of the popular TV series through an exciting game,” a PokerMatch representative said.

“We believe that the Squid Game at PokerMatch Casino will be as popular in the gambling niche as the sensational drama is in the wider world”, they added.

Representatives of the brand also pledged to continue surprising the market with unique marketing campaigns and unbeatable variety of gambling offers.

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