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PokerMatch takes top spot in PokerScout worldwide site listings

| By Guy Parsons
Ukraine-based poker room revels in historical moment

PokerMatch, the largest poker room in Eastern Europe, has made headlines in the world of gambling. The company has managed to surpass the long-time market leader and has taken first place in the highly respected PokerScout rankings, which aggregate traffic from all online poker platforms around the world.

Key to the company’s number-one ranking is its new online poker game, Miner’s Jackpot, which has seen thousands of players flock to the PokerMatch site.

This case has confirmed that in today’s highly competitive environment, innovation is crucial – and understanding the profile and demands of consumers plays a vital role in success. PokerMatch’s marketing has always been highly focused on the current market needs and this has yielded spectacular results.

A clear interaction with the audience and the speed of response was key to the company’s breakthrough. As part of its new promo, PokerMatch launched the innovative cash table game Miner’s Jackpot, which is played in auto-all-in mode. By betting just nanostakes – the minimum limit is 0.01 UAH ($0.00036) – players can win big prizes by hitting a bad beat jackpot, as well as getting extra gifts for the combinations they collect.

In this promotion, PokerMatch has managed to bring together both poker fans and slot lovers in a harmonious way. Free spins at PokerMatch Casino were given away as prizes for the top combinations. Combining poker and slot games was another innovation that ensured the success of the promo, dispelling the myth that poker and slots audiences don’t overlap.

Commenting on the news, Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International, said: “This promotion was originally designed for a specific part of the audience of the room who are not rich but loyal and, as a result, it has allowed the company to make an unprecedented breakthrough in the rankings. We are grateful to all the players who supported our idea. Together we’ve made history!”

The company now intends to build on its success by keeping abreast of the latest trends in the gaming industry and using innovative marketing tactics. This means that all PokerMatch users will find new promotions and offers that will bring positive emotions to players and tangible dividends to the company.