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PressEnter Group announces strategic partnership with Flows

| By iGB Editorial Team
Collaboration is a pivotal step in PressEnter Group’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the online gaming industry.

Aligning with PressEnter Group’s ethos of “Dare to do it” and “Strive for excellence”, this partnership enables the group’s igaming brands to leverage Flows’ advanced automation technology, enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement without the complexities of traditional coding.

Raymond Saliba, head of technical management at PressEnter Group said: “We are excited about our partnership with Flows. This collaboration is not just a technological leap, it’s a strategic move aligning with our mission to constantly innovate and provide superior gaming experiences. We anticipate this partnership to bring forward unique gaming solutions, setting new standards in the industry.”

This strategic alliance is a testament to PressEnter Group’s forward-thinking approach, ensuring the group remains at the cutting edge of the igaming industry. 

With a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority and rooted in Malta, PressEnter Group is poised for significant growth and innovation. 

James King, CEO of Flows, said: “It’s a great moment for us at Flows to have PressEnter Group, a leading name in the igaming industry, incorporate our no-code technology across their brands. This partnership is a testament to the industry’s growing recognition of our innovative approach and its potential to elevate the player experience. PressEnter Group’s decision to adopt our platform is reflective of our industry’s steps into a new era of enhanced engagement and efficiency. We are eagerly anticipating the waves of innovation that our collaboration will unlock within their portfolio of brands – exciting times ahead.”