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Slotegrator announces gambling license services in Belize

| By Laura Gumbrell

Getting a gaming license has undeniable advantages. In Belize and elsewhere around the world, Slotegrator’s jurisdictional advisory services are the most cost-effective method of getting licenced.

Without a licence, online casino and sportsbook operators face a steep uphill struggle when it comes to establishing a merchant account, conducting transactions, and cooperating with high-quality software and game providers.

Stability pays dividends. While some brands opt to skip the license and take their chances with being shut down by authorities, most recognise that the money spent on a licence is an investment in their company’s future.

A license from Belize’s Gaming Control Board (GCB) has slowly become one of the industry’s most affordable options. Originally, the annual fee for a licence was $50,000, but in 2004, this was reduced to just $15,000. As of 2022, it’s set at an even lower $10,000. The other costs incurred in the licensing process are described further in an article on Slotegrator’s website.

As with all licensing jurisdictions, applicants have to satisfy a list of requirements. One of the most important is a $500,000 deposit to be held in trust by the GCB as indemnity against fraud or other violations. Companies must also be registered in Belize, and any deposits or reserve withdrawals must be reported to the GCB.

A final point to consider is that all Belize gaming licences need to be renewed on the same date (March 31) each year. To get the most value for their money, operators should apply as close to this date as possible.

Other Caribbean countries offering gaming licences include Panama and Curaçao, as well as prominent regulators like the UK and Malta.