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Slotegrator lets operators harness the power of big data

| By Laura Gumbrell
Slotegrator's online casino platform lets operators track, segment and analyse big data.

Big data — the analysis of complex data sets with the purpose of extracting information — has become crucial in nearly every industry, and igaming is no exception.

Slotegrator’s online casino platform — both in its turnkey and white label incarnations — empowers operators with a complete CRM system for tracking, segmenting, and analysing users.

Big data is defined by three characteristics: volume, variety, and velocity. Volume refers to the amount of data; variety, to the multiple formats from which it’s extracted and velocity, to the speed with which the data is accumulated and analysed.

By harnessing the power of big data, operators can significantly improve efficiency rates — which can result in enhanced margins and player experience.

First, there’s retention. The insights offered by customer segmentation on a granular level allow operators to offer their players a tailored experience, with real-time bonusing and behavioural pattern analysis aimed at identifying players likely to bounce.

The same analysis can also be employed to identify possible instances of problem gambling. Behaviours like chasing losses can be automatically identified and tackled preemptively. At the opposite end of the spectrum, real-time analysis helps avoid chasers and fraudsters.