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SmartSoft keeps crafting innovations

| By iGB Editorial Team
Dedicated to delivering high-quality gaming experiences globally, SmartSoft remains committed to not only creating games but also revolutionising the industry itself.

SmartSoft, the pioneers behind the first-ever crash game creator, was founded in Georgia in 2015 by industry enthusiasts. SmartSoft’s commitment to innovation goes beyond just game mechanics. The company also prioritises engaging storytelling, stunning visuals and captivating sounds to create truly memorable gaming experiences. This complex approach not only sets SmartSoft apart from its competitors but also underscores its mission to deliver unparalleled entertainment to gamers worldwide.

The evolution continues, expanding horizons

As pioneers of non-traditional casino games, flagship game Jet X, launched in 2018, marked a breakthrough in the genre and continues to lead the transformation of non-traditional games into mainstream casino offerings. Jet X has become the most popular game for SmartSoft, but its mission doesn’t end there. Along with Jet X, SmartSoft has released numerous innovative games in the past year. These games are distinctive in their mechanics and visuals, reflecting the company’s commitment to continuous innovation through creativity and passion.

The latest innovation, a visual symphony known as Helicopter X, has been captivating users since November 2023. It’s a groundbreaking crash game designed to revolutionise the online casino landscape, combining innovative gameplay mechanics with stunning visual and auditory elements, offering players challenges and multiple strategic options. In Helicopter X, players control a helicopter, aiming to cash out before a crash occurs. The game showcases the diamond feature, which randomly boosts multipliers, adding excitement to every round. With its fascinating features and results, Helicopter X offers high stakes and high rewards.

Another gem, Mine Island, presents an innovative and exhilarating addition to the online casino world. Since its release last December, this innovative game blends simplicity with excitement, making it accessible to both novice and experienced players. Its 10-stage progression system introduces a unique twist to traditional minefield games, allowing players to strategically decide when to collect winnings or risk progressing for higher multipliers, thus enhancing the gaming experience. The  game offers substantial rewards and a compelling risk-reward dynamic. The intuitive gameplay, combined with strategic depth, ensures that Mine Island stands out in the crowded casino market. Visually stunning design and user-friendly interface reflects a deep understanding of player preferences and behaviours.

Crash Duel X, meanwhile, introduces an adrenaline-pumping world where strategic betting meets thrilling gameplay. Launched in December 2023, it offers diverse betting strategies and exciting features. As the first game on the market to introduce crash side bets, Crash Duel X revolutionises the traditional crash game mechanics by integrating the best practices from online casino games with side bonus bet features. This innovative approach provides players with multiple strategic options, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

This is just a glimpse into SmartSoft’s ongoing commitment to innovation. Smartsoft, together with its team of professionals, continues to work actively, generating ideas and creating stunning visuals to deliver only the best products to its partners.

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