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Soft2Bet launches new affiliate management system

| By iGB Freelance
ReferOn is a new, feature-filled affiliate management system powered by the platform provider.
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ReferOn is a new, feature-filled affiliate management system powered by the igaming platform provider.

The system boasts a broad array of affiliate marketing services that are key to the partners they assist. ReferOn’s system has the ability to manage large networks of companies in one comprehensive system. Flexible and adaptable in accordance with the individual needs of each affiliate. 

ReferOn offers the most advanced features including an effective rewarding engine which offers rewards at the individual, more customised level, making its management much easier for admin users. It also keeps track of the payments and invoices for all accounts, in a quick and efficient manner. This is also true for the data and statistics that are accumulated. 

The affiliate management system offers organised reporting on numerous levels allowing for full control over your data. In addition, you can customise what data you choose to share with your partners. Grouping variations can also be calculated according to brand, company, campaign and even geo levels through ReferOn. Reporting is also made extremely easy and allows for toggled groups and effective date breakdowns. ReferOn also makes use of multiple widgets, filters and statistics at every level which make the data accessible for the admin to explore and make informed decisions.

When using ReferOn, brands can be integrated into the system seamlessly and your support and account management are all under one roof. The system can connect the data points to your data provider. ReferOn dashboards are now clearer and easier to view and access, allowing for much more flexibility for users.

Accounts with multiple affiliate logins within other competitive software enable statistics to be grouped at a “master” level. This makes payments and data management much simpler.

Vladyslav Bondarenko, product manager at ReferOn, said: “ReferOn’s highly-advanced features change the way we view affiliates and admin needs. Seeing as this system is not only for internal usage, this creates an additional revenue stream for the business and allows a more streamlined process of integration and access.”