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Softswiss sportsbook 2021 recap

| By Laura Gumbrell
The Softswiss sportsbook is pleased to share insights and results of the past year. The online sports betting platform was launched by Softswiss at the end of 2020 and has gained traction in its first year of operating performance.

Online sports betting platform, launched at the end of 2020, gains traction in its first year of operating performance.

Software development company Softswiss has released details of its sportsbook’s first year. Statistics show that men are the main users of the platform, accounting for 94% of all bets recorded in the Softswiss sportsbook last year.

“Our product confirms the theory that the sports audience is predominantly male,” said Alexander Kamenetskyi, product owner at Softswiss sportsbook. “This pattern is easy to identify and related to cultural factors, where men typically spend more time together watching sporting events, which is less characteristic of the female segment of gamblers. Men are more interested in sports and consequently more likely to become betting site visitors.”

The analysis of player demographic reveals that the users aged 41-50 provide the biggest contribution. More than 55% of total bet sum is generated by this player group. Surprisingly, however, middle-aged players (classed as those aged 31-40) are the ones who make the most bets: they account for 37% of the total.

In 2021, people were more likely to use smartphones to place bets – mobile made up 65.5% of all bets. However, when it comes to the amount staked, the picture changes dramatically. Players spent the most money from desktop devices (62.6% of total bets sum). Tablets prove to be the least popular betting devices.

“Desktop devices tend to be an important tool for professional and VIP players, who use multiple monitors at once to simultaneously study statistics and analyse data parallel with the game. It is the most advanced way to track changes in real time,” said Kamenetskyi.

The most popular sports by bet sum in 2021 were: football (38.14%), basketball (22.62%), tennis (16.11%), ice hockey (9.01%), American football (8.95%) and volleyball (5.17%).

The top tournaments included NBA, NFL, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and NHL.

“Football is the king of betting, as our statistics once again prove. Basketball and tennis, as usual, share second place depending on how well represented they are in client projects given the region of operation. The popularity of each particular sport affects the leading tournaments accordingly,” added Kamenetskyi.

The most popular cryptocurrencies in sports betting turned out to be Bitcoin with 54.73%, Litecoin with 44.22% and Ethereum at 1.05%.

An important achievement for the sportsbook team has been the partnership with one of the leading providers of live odds for esports, Oddin.gg. The new partnership has enabled the sportsbook to expand its offering with live streaming, multiple live markets and a wide range of esports tournaments such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Dota 2.

In addition, the Softswiss sportsbook, together with N1 Partners Group, launched its first project on the Nigerian market under a local licence, which Softswiss was granted in February 2021. N1Bet.ng was the first betting project launched by the sportsbook team on the African continent.

In terms of functional enhancements, the sportsbook has significantly expanded the list of bonus offers available. In 2021, the team launched two new types of bonuses: hunting and free bets. The latest includes no risk, all win and only win. “All of the enhancements as part the sportsbook’s development in 2021 were aimed at exploring new markets, expanding the gambling offering and attracting players,” said Kamenetskyi.

“The partnership with new odds provider Oddin.gg will help attract a younger audience who are keen on esports. The launch of new bonuses, in turn, was a great tool to build and strengthen the loyalty of existing players. Our clients have already been able to appreciate new sportsbook features and put them into action. Despite last year’s achievements, our team has even more ambitious plans ahead.”