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Sportegrator from Slotegrator: statistics, odds and data feeds

| By Nosa Omoigui
Dedicated solution offers a complete bundle for sports betting projects, with customisable software and a wide choice of data feeds.

Bookmakers go over a lot of data before listing bets, and punters do the same to create a betting strategy. Each sport has its own extensive amount of statistics that need to be carefully analysed to successfully set odds or place bets.

On top of calculating the likelihood of an outcome and offering their own forecast, bookmakers need to skew the odds in their own favour. If they failed to do so, they would simply be an exchange office transferring losers’ money to winners.

After calculating the odds, bookmakers will add in an overround (also known as the juice, the vigorish, or the vig). Factoring in this extra margin allows them to come out on top, no matter the outcome. The tricky part is to find a balance: if the overround is too high, players won’t bet; if it is too low, the bookmaker will lose money.

You can’t offer compelling bets without analysing oceans of data. However, only the biggest bookmakers can afford to develop proprietary algorithms to effectively collect and analyse all the necessary information. Most online sportsbook operators cooperate with data feed providers to offer accurate, up-to-the-minute odds, which is even more crucial for in-game betting.

That’s why Slotegrator created Sportegrator, a fully customisable bundled solution to launch an online sports betting project, complete with a wide choice of data feeds. Sportegrator gives bookmakers access to odds calculated by industry-leading data providers for a vast range of sports, from football to table tennis. Sportegrator saves operators the time of calculating odds and the cost of hiring a team of mathematicians, and it can be integrated via API in a single session.