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Sportsbook platform Betby chooses Oddin.gg as their esports betting provider

| By Marese O'Hagan

Leading esports betting solutions provider Oddin.gg has secured a new B2B deal with sportsbook platform provider Betby.

Oddin.gg has emerged as the leading option for betting platforms looking into esports solutions.

As part of the deal, Betby will integrate Oddin.gg’s esports odds feed, making it available to all their global clients.

Oddin.gg promises a higher uptime and number of live markets with their esports betting solution, which are the main drivers of engagement for esports bettors.

“We are constantly striving to improve our product, giving our clients the highest quality available in the market,” said Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO of Betby. “As soon as we heard esports betting was a priority for many of them, we started looking into the best product available.’’

“We were very happy to find Oddin.gg. After due diligence, we found their quality standards to be the highest in the industry. The integration process is going smoothly and we can’t wait to have it ready and available to all our clients.’’

“We are happy to partner with a company like Betby, that strives for innovation,’’ said Marek Suchar, managing director of Oddin.gg.

“Our solutions are perfectly suited for B2B platforms that want to offer the best products to their clients, and Betby is definitely one of them. We are looking forward to finalising the integration process and providing our esports betting solutions to the many global operators working with Betby.’’

This has been a busy year for Oddin.gg, sealing deals with multiple operators and B2B sportsbook providers. The success is proof of the astonishing growth of esports betting in 2021. More and more operators are realising the huge potential of esports betting, and they are reacting quickly and investing in better, more innovative products in the field.