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Spotlight Sports Group agrees new content deal with Future plc

| By Daniel O'Boyle
New deal will allow live odds to be integrated with Future's FourFourTwo brand.

New deal will allow live odds to be integrated with Future’s FourFourTwo brand.

Spotlight Sports Group (SSG) has today announced it has agreed a deal to supply Future plc with sports betting content. The content is built to purpose as part of Spotlight Sports Group’s recently launched ‘Publisher Solutions’.

Future will deploy the flexible, content and odds driven smart modules firstly across their FourFourTwo brand. Integrated into FourFourTwo’s native and web platforms, the smart content modules provide a natively designed, contextual sports betting experience. The modules are designed specifically to allow FourFourTwo to build new sports betting value from their sports content output.

Added to key information and statistic-led sports betting insights, the modules integrate live odds from Bet365, allowing FourFourTwo to provide multiple calls to action that maximise conversion. As part of the agreement Spotlight Sports Group manage the full affiliate operation. 

The customisable, distinctive betting experience is enhanced by the extensive coverage offered by Spotlight Sports Group. The smart content module offers expert sports betting insight on over 20 leagues and cup competitions making more events matter to FourFourTwo and other Future customers. 

Speaking about the agreement, Spotlight Sports Group, B2B director Will Fyler said:

“We’re delighted to roll out our Publisher Solutions to Future plc and firstly on FourFourTwo. We’ve worked hard to create products that help media convert and monetise their sports audience. We have over 30 years of experience in converting sports fans to sports bettors through our own affiliate operations and we know how great content retains and activates users.

“Over the past two years, we’ve grown our content substantially. We now offer sports betting content, designed to engage users on over 20 sports in 70 languages. As is the case with Future plc this can be customised and bespoke to each client ensuring the customer experience is second to none. We’re excited for customers to engage and enjoy our insights.”

Echoing Fyler’s words, Simon White, B2B ecommerce director from Future, said:

“Spotlight Sports Group come packed with huge experience of monetising a sports audience. The content they offer through their smart modules is excellent and we’re sure our customers will enjoy the extra sports betting insight. We’re excited to offer another dimension to our audience and enhance our customer experience.”

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