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Stark Solutions celebrates five years of delivering exceptional SSBTs

| By Guy Parsons
Company’s MD, Ivan Soče, looks back over half a decade of success

Like many success stories, our story has started from the garage –  to be precise, Stark’s story started on the balcony.

At that time, Stark was an IT company developing software for betting terminals. Following the company owner’s idea, one of Stark’s employees manages to hand-build our first betting terminal on his balcony. 

The rest is history. In 2015, the company produced its first terminal, the T-1000. We presented this model that same year at ICE London.  

The success story of top-performing terminals

It is important to emphasise that Stark Solutions is part of NSoft’s cluster, which gave it a good starting position from the very beginning. Stark’s first clients were already NSoft’s clients. They have recognised the potential and quality of Stark’s machines and used them for boosting their land-based business. The first clients were from our neighbourhood, Montenegro and Serbia. After that, with the first clients from Western Europe, Stark’s expansion began. 

At the moment, Stark terminals are entertaining punters on three continents. We are the exclusive suppliers for two Western European state lotteries and work with 30+ clients worldwide. All of this speaks in favour of the quality and highest standards by which our highly skilled welders, locksmiths and machine engineers produce Stark betting terminals.   

The development of the product offering was accompanied by global expansion, so currently, Stark has several models in its product portfolio.

The first model, the T-1000, has won the title of the best terminal on the market. Due to its modularity, customers can choose between three monitor variants and two body types. Separate spheres for money guarantee security and the modern design makes it aesthetically fit into any interior. The T-1000 has been exhibited twice at the prestigious G2E trade show in Las Vegas.

Following the market’s needs, Stark produced the Wall-T, a terminal model with all the functionality of the T-1000 only in a smaller, three times lighter format. Exceptional technical characteristics, more accessible transport and space requirements, whether mounted on a wall, counter or bracket, make it extremely popular worldwide. Proof of this is the fact that Codere, Real Madrid’s official betting partner, has shown interest in Stark’s Wall-T terminal model and planned to equip their fun zone at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium with them.

The Stark product range has been complemented by a premium model of the betting terminal called Atom. This model is made exclusively for casinos and hotels. With its flashy external appearance, chrome-plated parts and lights, it brings the world of betting closer to the world of slot games and casinos.

The latest in the Stark family of betting terminals is last year’s novelty, in many ways specific, the D1 desk terminal. We see its full potential in large betting shops, with live betting being the most prominent product. Combined with screens on which it is possible to watch matches live, D1 is an indispensable part of the branch because it allows the player to act faster to change during the game. The screen built into the table, with a hidden body, fits perfectly into any space.

SSBTs are here to stay

Last year, when the retail business was hit hard due to the pandemic and when operators from the gambling and betting industries switched to online, it was to be expected that our company would suffer certain losses. We beat those odds! The year 2020 was the best year for Stark so far. Last year we capitalised on all our efforts made in the past five years. Tireless investment in quality, performance and appearance came to fruition in the most unexpected time.

In the spirit of the pandemic, the terminals have proven to be exceptionally epidemiologically safe. They can be placed to ensure social distance, and Stark’s betting terminals have screens that are touch-sensitive to latex gloves.

If we consider the fact that the terminals have taken precedence in retail, to reduce operating costs and increase the number of payment points in one branch, we can only say that we are sure that the terminals are here to stay.

Stark’s production capacities are extended to meet the deadlines with current orders and this is promising.

Customisation and branding for client satisfaction

In the past five years, we have tried to follow market trends and provide our clients with the best product. Following trends and understanding clients’ real needs has resulted in world-renowned machines.

Our terminals are equipped with parts from exclusively reputable manufacturers from MeiSC Advance bill acceptors to Advantech industrial PC. They are adapted to work on all known software, and built-in special devices leave the easy possibility of additional software upgrades.

In terms of branding, we allow our customers to choose the terminal colour according to their needs. Clients can personalise each terminal with a luminous logo. Depending on the size of the order, it takes 6-8 weeks from the day of signing the contract to the delivery of the finished products.

New opportunities and sales growth in the future

This year, judging by the period behind us, we expect further sales growth and an increase in the number of clients.

We will continue to strive to maximise our products by listening to the feedback we receive from customers. On the business side, we have been planning to enter new markets for some time now – a couple of European countries and the North American market. Regarding production, we plan to make a new model of a freestanding terminal.

We will do our best to continue Stark’s positive story for years to come.

Find out more about Stark SSBT solutions, get in touch with our sales team.