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Strategic ad placement in mobile gambling: How Epom optimises user engagement

| By iGB Editorial Team
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Recent Epom ad server update enhances most vital features for successful mobile ad placement.

With the mobile advertising market worth €320.1bn, it has already matched its desktop equivalent. Moreover, there’s an upcoming wave of Gen Z gamblers who bet with their smartphones exclusively.

To provide its clients with higher audience reachability and engagement Epom focuses on the following specific features:

Rich media support

The use of rich media ad placements allows Epom’s clients to receive up to 50% higher retention rates. And with 30+ ad-ready templates at their disposal, they can save time and money too.

“Consistent ad placement requires cutting-edge features; that’s why we constantly improve and expand our rich media ad formats,” says Serhiy Shchelkov, chief sales executive at Epom. 

“The vast amount of supported placements allow our clients to stay ahead of competition by always keeping their targeted audience engaged.”

Custom ad templates

In a market oversaturated with ads, it’s easy to see how beneficial non-standard ad placements may be. Serving skins, catfish ads and outstreaming video ads drive more clicks. 

For example, Epom’s client Adera has increased its CTR to 34% by using custom ad templates.

The performance of ad creatives could be optimised as well. Epom’s ad server allows further CTR and CR boost with automated banner weights and cappings.

BI & AI analytics integration

Epom also uses machine learning in its product, but since the ad creative sector is covered, AI serves well with analytics. 

Epom’s ad server allows users to pull out raw log data and analyse it with machine learning tools to later adjust custom metrics. 

This approach helped Playrix to improve their ad strategy and increase their in-ad interactions up to 164%.

Stable uptime

Global sports events and championships often overload servers and they simply crash. 

By keeping its databases optimised and following strict security practices, the Epom ad server managed to keep a 99.3% stable uptime even during the latest Fifa World Cup.

Epom’s focus on mobile ad placements has led to betting and igaming brands staying with the company for over five years on average. Meanwhile, 70% of Epom’s clients have tripled the volume of their ad operations.