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Telegram Casino: mobile gambling with the help of a bot

| By Micah Passman
To reach a new generation of users, operators need alternatives to traditional frontend systems

Whether demand creates supply or the other way around, the igaming industry is developing at a rapid pace, and players’ expectations are along with it. As competition grows fiercer, operators constantly need innovative solutions to keep players’ loyalty. .

One of the most successful new solutions of 2022 is Telegram Casino, an innovative solution for mobile gambling using a bot, and a fundamentally new way to provide gaming content to users.

While Telegram was mainly used as a communication channel before, now it is a multi-platform application with tools and functions not provided by other messengers. With Telegram Casino, operators have the opportunity to attract new segments of the audience, and users have the opportunity to improve their gaming experience on mobile devices.

Telegram Casino: benefits for the operator

Telegram Casino can be launched as an independent project or as an addition to the web version of the online casino. One indisputable advantage at launch is the low cost of promotion, because there are no restrictions in Telegram.

Just like standard online platforms, the operator can manage the gambling platform through the back office. There, he can control the structure of the online casino, game content, mailings, and all of the platform’s modules, including the integration of bonus and affiliate modules. The affiliate module will allow you to increase the quality and volume of traffic. Bonuses and tournaments will help keep players. And through the admin panel, the operator can track the results.

The line of games available through Telegram Casino includes more than 7,000 video slots from well-known developers. After analyzing the target markets and the preferences of players from these countries, the operator can choose the most successful combination for their igaming platform, either on their own or in consultation with experts. Offering a variety of games will let operators attract new player segments. With the help of APIgrator, he can integrate all games on the gambling platform in one click.

Telegram Casino: benefits for the player

Simply put, Telegram Casino was developed with player convenience in mind.

Fast, accessible navigation is essential for modern users, which is why there’s only a bare minimum of clicks between them and their favorite games when they’re using Telegram Casino. Quick and easy user authorization means there’s no extended waiting period between registration and gameplay.

With Telegram Casino, the player has 24/7 access to the full functionality of the platform, as well as constantly available customer support. The solution also has an easy-to-understand interface and instant access to video slots, a wide portfolio of games from the world’s leading game development studios, and more than 150 payment methods, including the most popular fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Players can also register several accounts at once and make deposits and withdrawals in any currency with a single click. They also receive bonuses and maintain a separate balance in the Fun in-game currency.  Both operators and users benefit from the innovative Telegram Casino solution. Slotegrator provides online casino operators state-of-the-art solutions so that they, in turn, can offer them to their players and remain competitive in the rapidly changing world of igaming.