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Turbo Games reveals details of debut pixel art game, Save the Princess

| By Guy Parsons
Retro title looks to the past to offer something fresh in the slots sphere.
Save the Princess

The igaming world always strives to satisfy the most demanding players by offering something triggering and special. It’s a known fact that the best new is the long-forgotten old, something that inspired the team at Turbo Games. They’ve created Save the Princess, a new game with some old-fashioned but touching design effects. Everybody played these types of games in their childhood, didn’t they?

A game has seven stages a player needs to go through in order to save the princess. The stages encompass a thrilling, dangerous path involving goblins, dragons, vampires and death, which can appear behind open doors and end the game. Protective equipment including armour, extinguishers and garlic can protect a player from pretty much every hazard – except death. Of course, the less protection you take at the beginning of the game, the bigger amount of money you will win. So, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The game environment changes with each stage of the long, challenging way. But what can stop a real hero when the princess, stuck on top of the tower, misses him?

Commenting on the exciting new title, Slava Zhuk, advisor at Turbo Games, said: “We are excited about the release of Save the Princess because it differs so much from all the previous games. We have been learning a lot from the time of Turbo Games’ launch and now we put these insights into practice, bringing astonishing new experiences to our players all around the globe.”