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UK-licensed gambling operator STech trials four-day work week

| By iGB Editorial Team
STech joins the likes of Amazon, Basecamp, Bolt and Microsoft in offering this groundbreaking benefit to employees.

UK and Malta-based gambling operator STech is trialling a four-day working week with full pay – becoming one of the first UK-licensed gambling operators to do so.

The trial began on 1 April and will run until the end of the year. By allowing employees greater flexibility in their work lives, productivity and employee wellbeing are expected to improve, cementing STech’s reputation as an outstanding place to work.

Stech ceo edward mackrill

“It’s about treating employees like adults – judging them on their performance, not the number of hours sat in front of a computer – and encouraging a healthy work-life balance,” said CEO Edward Mackrill.

“To support this trial there will be an increased focus on automation and using the latest technology to improve our existing workflows.”

In addition to the four-day working week, STech offers fully remote working, unlimited annual leave and a host of other fantastic employee benefits.

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