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UNLV In Collaboration with iGaming Academy launches a new training program: ElevateRG

| By Micah Passman
ElevateRG is the new training program that UNLV’s International Gaming Institute (IGI) and iGaming Academy have created in collaboration and will bring UNLV’s flagship responsible gaming curriculum online for the first time.

IGI, world-renowned as the “global intellectual capital of gaming” is launching ElevateRG an online training program that will take its responsible gaming training to the next level.

The new ElevateRG training program will bring IGI’s world-renowned responsible gaming (RG) training to gaming industry staff and learners across the US and worldwide. The first course, now available, is fully interactive, providing a uniquely engaging learning experience that can be accessed from any location.

What makes this training unique?

The development of the ElevateRG, online training program has been overseen by UNLV’s Jennifer Shatley, a highly-respected RG leader with 25 years’ career experience, notably with Caesars Entertainment.

“What sets our RG training apart is how operationally-focused it is,” explains Shatley. “Gaming staff deserve better than just a brief overview of the risks. Our training demonstrates the practical actions that gaming staff can take within their roles to proactively promote responsible gaming to minimize gambling-related harm.”

ElevateRG is designed to prepare staff and equip learners with both the broad knowledge and the practical experience required to tackle real-life situations that may arise over the course of their day-to-day working practices.

In addition to RG, UNLV and iGaming Academy plan to launch a full range of vocational and industry-specific training courses to help address the current unprecedented demand for staff resources across the US industry, covering land-based, online sportsbooks, and other gaming categories.

Convenience and accessibility

“For land-based casinos, IGI has long represented the ‘gold standard’ in RG training – and now it’s easier than ever to supply for staff,” said Jaime Debono, iGaming Academy’s managing director.

“As the online industry continues to expand, operators will benefit from having access to best-in-class training in an online format that’s easy to include within their onboarding and refresher programmes.”

Customers of the iGaming Academy will be able to access the new ElevateRG training, either individually or hosted within a client-branded learning portal provided by iGaming Academy.

The courses can also be imported into a wide range of third-party learning platforms or incorporated as an extension to existing training programs.

Scalable to all levels of experience

The ElevateRG training program will be available in a new online format and will include numerous courses designed to cover responsible gaming across all levels, from a comprehensive introduction for front-line staff to managers and leadership versions. Refresher training variants will also be available.

Senior staff will soon also be able to achieve IGI’s prestigious ambassador certification as part of a blended program that combines both online and classroom-based learning.

Why do you need this training?

Regulatory scrutiny on online operators is widely expected to increase as the market grows. It will be increasingly important for operators to demonstrate a commitment to responsible gaming, provable via strong training programs with recognized certification. “With the specificity, convenience, and scalability of this training well ahead of anything available in the market, this truly is a ‘game-changer’ for responsible gaming training in the US,” said Debono.