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UK Tote Group goes live with Voxbet’s type-a-bet Viber service

| By Laura Gumbrell
Deal sees Voxbet Viber go live in the UK and Ireland with leading operator.

Deal sees Voxbet Viber go live in the UK and Ireland with leading operator.

UK Tote Group has signed a new agreement with Voxbet, the pioneer of machine-learning technology that allows customers to speak or type their bets. The partnership will introduce direct betting functionality, courtesy of the leading Viber messaging platform. Accordingly, this deal sees Voxbet Viber go live in the UK and Ireland with UK Tote Group and Tote Ireland customers.

Voxbet’s platform allows sports bettors to securely and accurately bet by sending their stake and selections in a text message, making it fast and easy to place even complex bets. And this flair for next-generation bet execution has already registered new peaks in fan engagement via the Viber app, whose popular cross-platform instant messaging software continues to gain global market share, having already increasingly become a platform of choice in territories like Asia, LatAm and many Eastern European countries.

Voxbet has proven the power of combining its software with Viber through pre-eminent French operator PMU whose brand, like UK Tote Group, is historically intertwined with horse racing. This Viber optionality has already demonstrated its gateway credentials in that, as players migrated from standard SMS to Viber, their frequency of activity doubled.

By deploying Voxbet’s industry-leading solution directly through Viber (alongside other existing messaging services already integrated with the firm) UK Tote Group players can back a horse in seconds by speaking or typing its name, or can be helped build a bet with a quick-fire predictive bet builder. Voxbet predicts the most likely results as players type or speak – a feature anyone who has used Google will be familiar with ­– bolstering Voxbet’s mission statement as the fastest way to bet.

Voxbet founder and CEO, Jonathan Power, explained: “We’ve discovered that moving customers from SMS (where users bet on average 80 times a month) to Viber doubled their frequency of activity and has seen revenues rise by around 17%. Logically, the ability to bet by voice should now take those engagement rates even higher and appeal to younger customers.

“We can’t think of a more apt partner with whom to explore this functionality than UK Tote Group – a brand, much like our own, which has flourished from its horse racing. It’s an exciting time to be expanding our collaboration and growing our global footprint with them.”

Jamie Hart, racing director at UK Tote Group, added: “We’ve been enthusiastic proponents of Voxbet, ever since they first came on to the scene. UK Tote Group is all about adopting new technologies and ideas that improve the digital customer experience for our customers, so this Viber functionality will only enhance that experience by making betting more convenient, simpler and faster.

“Voxbet’s unique tools connect with all types of bettors. I believe voice and text engagement will be very popular.”

Voxbet’s platform is fast becoming an essential tool for sports betting operators in today’s messaging-app-centred world. Thanks to the learning derived from processing millions of written bets each month, Voxbet are years ahead in being able to understand spoken bets as well.