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Xtremepush launches game-changing InfinityAI solution for igaming industry

| By iGB Editorial Team
Explainable AI technology powers tool that creates real-time marketing solutions for operators.

Xtremepush, the leading provider of CRM and loyalty marketing powered by AI, has launched its game-changing InfinityAI solution for predicting player behaviour.

Officially unveiled this week in New Jersey, InfinityAI ushers in a new era of AI through predictive modelling that offers superior performance, transparency and control.

InfinityAI is set to transform operational strategies across the igaming sector through sophisticated marketing techniques. Utilising adaptive AI technology, the solution automatically identifies best-performing models for unique data sets and use cases, which enables operators to create highly customised models on the fly in response to emerging trends.

Crucially, InfinityAI uses advanced ExplainableAI (XAI) to peel back the curtain on AI’s decision-making process. This enables predictions to be made with a layer of transparency that instills trust and confidence in the technology, which is absent from AI solutions based exclusively on black-box technology where processes are hidden from view.

InfinityAI also incorporates plug-and-play models for sports betting and igaming operators. These ready-made modules can be deployed at speed without detailed technical knowledge to gain the benefit of AI insights.

The launch of InfinityAI will further enhance player retention and stickiness for operators using Xtremepush’s technology, which harnesses a suite of optimisation and automation CRM tools to deliver personalised, relevant messaging powered by real-time data.

Tommy Kearns, CEO of Xtremepush, said: “It is a proud moment for Xtremepush to be able to unveil our revolutionary AI solution for the igaming industry. InfinityAI offers transparent and flexible predictive modelling without limitations, identifying the best model for an operator’s unique data and use case.

“Additionally, our XAI offers complete visibility into the prediction process, empowering operators to optimise the model in real-time, resulting in unparalleled trust, accuracy and outcomes. InfinityAI will help our operators predict almost any action, behaviour and event, presenting them with an invaluable and cutting-edge retention and loyalty solution.”